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About Us

Amazing firework displays and special effects. Over 125 years of expertise to make your event magical and memorable

Santore’s World Famous Fireworks, LLC is a World Class Fireworks Display and Special Effects company that is the culmination of over 125 years of family tradition. August N. Santore, Jr. and his brother Christopher Santore have been responsible for the planning, design, coordination and execution of some of the largest and most prestigious displays in the Nation. Events such as July 4th Washington, DC on the monument, the Super Bowl at Met Life Stadium, Major League Soccer All Star and Finals Presentations and thousands of other celebrations large and small around the Nation. Whether your display is for a Wedding, Sporting Event, Concert Tour, Festival, Private Party, Anniversary, Corporate Product Launch or the 4th of July, Santore’s World Famous Fireworks will provide an incomparable production with premium unmatched service.


At Santore’s World Famous Fireworks, we don’t approach this process as selling individual fireworks. We provide industry leading fireworks productions seamlessly from contract to compliance right through to execution. Our unique custom designed displays showcase our immense product variety arranged in innovative presentation sequences delivered with industry leading technology. Our relentless pursuit of perfection engrained from early childhood by our father August, Sr. is clearly evident with the pride and passion that spills through the entire organization. We love our job and it shows. There is nothing like the feeling of child-like elation when we hear the crowd roar. The clapping, cheering and horns blowing when the show is over is what we live for. Our enthusiasm is contagious.


Our entire goal is to provide a safe, professional production with superior performance. The process is customer driven and event specific. Every event is staffed with well trained, licensed technicians as may be required by local law. We have affiliations with companies all over the world to provide international support for product and services for Worldwide Concert Tours. We have distribution and support points in New York, California, Las Vegas, Florida, New Jersey and Colorado. We have access to over 700 technicians to deliver what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Our firm is fully compliant with D.O.T. laws and programs and our insurance limits are among the highest in the industry for your comfort.