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The fireworks industry like many industries is filled with options and companies. Many companies are the product of enthusiasts that love fireworks that have no pedigree, history or experience. They love it, but are not really equipped to precisely and professionally execute at high levels under extreme duress and adverse conditions. Experience, resources, training, reliable professional equipment, cutting edge technology, redundancy plans and attention to detail is what separates our company from the rest. We love what we do. Our passion and enthusiasm are contagious, but we are equally prepared, calculating and technical in our execution. We always have a plan and then we are flexible in adapting when the circumstances present as they often do. We do whatever it takes around the clock to execute. This is no more apparent than in the precision area of special effects.

Our technicians have executed battlefield training exercises with precision simulation charges to ready our military for the rigors of combat. We have the luxury of access to custom manufacturing to be able to make a specific type of explosion or effect at specific heights and impact. This is an invaluable asset when the situation requires it.

Safety is the name of the game. The placement of our effects whether it is cryo jets, pyrotechnics on stage during a performance or blowing confetti over an audience or player celebration. Everything is exacting. Our technicians have produced the full set of stage effects for huge recording artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. We have been on top of stadiums, inside stadiums, on rooftops, scoreboards, rolling stages, etc. From flames to low ground fog, streamers to confetti, balloon drops to custom props, we have done each and every effect all over the world. We have a worldwide network of technicians and logistical contacts to execute world tours or special one off performances around the globe. We are your global solution in one phone call.

  • Sparkler Machines
  • Confetti Titanium Waterfalls
  • Indoor/Stage Pyrotechnics
  • Flame Effects
  • Cryo Jets
  • Close Proximate
  • Low Ground Fog
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Custom Props
  • Military Training Devices
  • Effects
  • Battlefield Effects
  • Streamers